Public Agencies (local, regional, national) interested to territory planning, emergency planning and seismic microzoning

Public Agencies may use SHAKYGROUND to identify critical points in a territory, spotting where damages would be grater if an earthquake should occur. The model can help the identification of areas and sites where severe ground shaking is expected, so that competent public authorities can adjust their territory planning (emergency, territorial, microzoning etc.).
The program is designed to support seismic microzoning project with many earthquakes and sites examples as input. It has been positively used in seismic microzoning projects for the cities of Catania, Ragusa, Sarno, Nocera (Italy).

Civil engineers, industrial designers, geologic and geotechnical consultants

These users may use SHAKYGROUND to obtain numerical data of earthquake ground motion at the level of the foundation of a building.
At the same time they can obtain the prevision of the seismic impact in a specific site where a building is planned to be erected or reconstructed or reinforced. Moreover they can insert the schemes of the synthetic seismogram resulted by the run of the simulations as input for their calculations.

Civil Protection

The necessities of these users are the same of those of the Public Agencies. The critical sites location allows the territorial planning and the emergency planning optimization. It will be possible to identify zones where earthquake damages will be particularly serious.
People living in these areas will have greater need of aid, and at the same time these areas would not have to be chosen for the deployment of first aid structures.

Insurance and re-insurance Companies

Companies that want to propose insurances contracts covering damages to buildings caused by earthquake, can use SHAKYGROUND to classify all sites on the basis of the estimated effects for several earthquake scenarios. The so obtained results of the seismic zoning would help the insurance companies to develop a specific marketing strategy for each of these areas


ShakyGround has an user-friendly interface and follows scientific concepts of the strong ground motion valuation. The software results allow to discuss a great number of case study and to analyse several factors causing the greater damages during an earthquake. Courses for Geophysicists, geologists and engineers can be based on ShakyGround.