Estimating Earthquake effects in urban and industrial areas

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Shakyground is program for Microsoft Windows OS that allows the estimation of Earthquake effects on urban and industrial Area.  The outputs of ShakyGround allow to identify shaky sites in advance which is essential for emergency planning and proper land use management.

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1. Define your earthquake

Define your input earthquake. You need to know few parameters as the magintude and the epicentral coordinates of the earthquake. You can select quakes really happened in your zone or quakes you think could happen. 

2. Describe your stratigraphy

Start collecting geological information about the site(s) you want to investigate. The information is important for ShakyGround to propagate the seismic waves in the surface. A detailed information about thicknesses, shear wave velocity and density is important considering the fact that local geology greatly influences site response.

3. Run a simulation

After defining these parameters what you have to do is Run a simulation. The main output consists of a plot of the response spectra and their statistical variation, and of a table with important signal parameters, i.e., peak ground acceleration, velocity and displacement, RMS-values of the three types of signal, the duration of strong ground motion and corresponding magnitude values.